Care Bears & Cousins


Come join the sweet, soft and sassy Care Bears & Cousins as they go on adventures all over the magical and enchanting land of Care-a-Lot!

High above the World Below, floating on a bed of clouds is the wonderful land of Care-a-Lot.  Care-a-Lot is inhabited by the most special and caring of creatures—the Care Bears: Tenderheart, Wonderheart, Cheer, Grumpy, Share, Funshine, and Harmony.

And joining them are the Care Bear CousinsBrave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon, Lotsa Heart Elephant, and Cozy Heart Penguin have been gone from Care-a-Lot for a LONG time because Tenderheart sent the Care Crew on a quest to sail above the World Below on the Cloud Clipper to collect lost Care Hearts.  Care Hearts float up from Earth whenever a caring act occurs.  Most Care Hearts naturally make their way to the Share Cloud.  But those that don’t—the lost Care Hearts—need to be collected and deposited into the Share Cloud.  The Share Cloud needs a constant supply of Care Hearts in it in order to keep Care-a-Lot from fading away.